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Come... Cycle Through Niagara


If you are planning a trip to the beautiful Niagara Pennisula, we have put together a package that will allow you to plan ahead. What to see, where to eat and sleep, and most important....where to explore Niagara by bike.

The large fold out, 2 sided map is full of information. Trails, senic routes even the type of terrain you will encounter, and don't forget the wine country. It's all here. Also included is information for the " GO Train-Bike Train ".

Take a side trip to Toronto from Niagara. More places to see and more to do...all on your bike












 This information will be of great value, knowing the area before you get here !! Planning ahead, booking your rooms and finding your stops along your way.

Available worldwide.

Price is $4.99 CAD.

 HST if you are in Ontario                                      Purchase Package   


Shipping a little extra... Canada    $2.50

                                       USA       $3.50

                             International    $6.50  


All Money Raised Goes To Help Fix Bicycles for FACS Kids


If along your adventure through Niagara, Contact VeloCare if you run into a mechanical problem.


We would be more than happy to get you on your way again ( service fee will apply )






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